The best way to apologize to your girl
Relationship Advice September, 25 2019 8793

You know, girls are always emotional and touchy, sometimes men even don’t know why the girls are angry and upset. But still, you need to apologize to her first in case the thing become irretrievable.


Keep calm

The way you should apologize to the girl depends on what you did. But the first rule is -- wait till she calm. Men and women have a totally different thought, about everything. If you talk about the divergence when she’s emotional, she will never listen to you and leads to the argument.


It is totally normal that you will feel upset and tense. You just have to control your emotions and behavior. If you see that she is initially negative and wants to quarrel, control yourself. Indicate that you came to make up, not fight. And if she is not ready for a normal conversation now, then you will postpone it.


Be Honest

Be as honest as possible when you ask her for forgiveness. You should not try to appease the girl with the help of false promises. If you decide to apologize, then be ready to admit mistakes and explain why you behaved like that.


Listen to her

Give her a chance to speak out if she wants to. Instead, she will have a great desire to speak out herself. Communication is the basis of relationships, so don't be silent. This is absolutely normal, she has complain of you and keeping it inside just makes things worse. Sooner or later they can explode, just like a time bomb.


With humor

To admit that you acted like an idiot, telling her like a joke is a great idea. Your girlfriend will agree, laugh, and have no choice but to forgive you. You may play a joke in the form of a stand-up, and not in the form of self-incrimination. No girl wants a man to ask for her forgiveness, coming across as poor and worthless. But she wants you to admit that you acted like an asshole. So how to apologize to a girl? With a joke of course!


Write a letter

Sounds like a outdated stuff. But it’s a good way sometimes for the special cases. If you are not good at expressing your thoughts with words or you can easily break into a new showdown, it is better to apologize in a letter. You can even leave the room while she reads it. But just do not write in text or email. Give her the most usual piece of paper with handwritten letters, where you tell how much she means to you and how sorry you are.


Apologize Without Saying Sorry

“Sorry” is not the only way to apologize. Try to say “thank you”. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your efforts. Thank you for being with me. Thank you for your love. Now you know how to apologize to someone you hurt deeply. “Thank you” is the best thing you can say at this point.